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Warship 2009  Amazon's Average Costumer Review 5/5

The latest volume of this perennially acclaimed annual maintains the well-established high standards of scholarship, research, news and reviews from the field of warship history. Combining original articles with comprehensive examinations of a vast array ... Read more
Publisher: US Naval Institute Press
Published: 2009  Hardcover
ISBN: 1844860892

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World War II Warships (Dover Coloring Book)  Amazon's Average Costumer Review 5/5

All hands on deck! This fleet of 28 accurately detailed ships includes the ill-fated PT-109, commanded by a young John F. Kennedy, a German U-boat, and the USS Missouri, the battleship on which the Japanese surrendered. Identifying captions ... Read more
Publisher: Dover Publications
Published: 2006  Paperback
ISBN: 0486451631

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Stephen Biesty's Cross~Sections : Man~Of~War  Amazon's Average Costumer Review 4/5
Publisher: DK Publishing
Published: 1993  Hardcover
ISBN: 156458321X

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The Dory Model Book

Three traditional Down East boats are featured: a Banks dory, a Friendship Dory, and a Friendship dory skiff. All are based on authentic boats and built with the same care as a full-size boat. ... Read more
Publisher: Wooden Boat Publications
Published: 1997  Paperback
ISBN: 0937822450

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ECLIPSE OF THE BIG GUN: The Warship 1906-1945 (Conway's History of the Ship Series)

The History of the Ship series covers what is probably the most influential tool in human history. The series was the first comprehensive and authoritative account, covering every significant ship type from the dawn of seafaring to the present day. Each ... Read more
Publisher: Conway Maritime Press
Published: 2004  Paperback
ISBN: 0851779530

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The American Fishing Schooners : 1825-1935  Amazon's Average Costumer Review 5/5
Publisher: W.W. Norton & Company
Published: 1995  Hardcover
ISBN: 039303755X

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Building & Detailing Scale Model Ships  Amazon's Average Costumer Review 5/5
Publisher: Kalmbach Publishing
Published: 1999  Paperback
ISBN: 0890242402

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Battleships : Axis and Neutral Battleships in World War II  Amazon's Average Costumer Review 5/5
Publisher: United States Naval Inst.
Published: 1995  Hardcover
ISBN: 0870211013

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The 24-Gun Frigate Pandora (Anatomy of the Ship)  Amazon's Average Costumer Review 5/5

The Pandora was a 24gun Sixth Rate built at Deptford in 1779. The 20 and 24gun classes were the smallest regularly commanded by a Post Captain and they were consequently known as post ships; they were also the smallest frigate--built ships on the Navy ... Read more
Publisher: Conway Maritime Press
Published: 2003  Hardcover
ISBN: 0851778941

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Historic Ship Models  Amazon's Average Costumer Review 2/5

500-plus detailed diagrams and intricate drawings. Important historical facts about ships from 3000 B.C. to the 19th century. Plans, equipment, and designs. "Highly detailed. Excellent line illustrations, graphs, and photographs. There is maritime history ... Read more
Publisher: Sterling Publications
Published: 1989  Paperback
ISBN: 0806957336

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