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Military Modeling  
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Sherman Firefly vs Tiger: Normandy 1944 (Duel)  Amazon's Average Costumer Review 4/5

This book describes the design and development of these two fierce opponents, analyzing their strengths and weaknesses and assessing their tactics, weaponry and training. ... Read more
Publisher: Osprey Publishing
Published: 2007  Paperback
ISBN: 1846031508

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Panzer Modelling Masterclass (Modelling Masterclass)  Amazon's Average Costumer Review 4/5
Published: 2001 , 2nd ed.  Paperback
ISBN: 1841762369

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Us Armored Divisions: The European Theater of Operations, 1944-45 (Battle Orders, 3)  Amazon's Average Costumer Review 2/5

Of the 16 such divisions formed during the war, all but one served in the European Theater of Operations. This book examines the organizational structure, operational doctrine and combat mission of these divisions from D-Day onwards, describing how doctrines ... Read more
Publisher: Osprey Publishing (UK)
Published: 2004  Paperback
ISBN: 1841765643

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Jagdpanther (Fotosnajper / Photosniper)

Self-propelled tank destroyers constituted an essential component of the Third Reich’s armored arm. Vehicles, which were especially useful in defensive warfare, in which the German army found itself after losing strategic initiative on the Eastern Front ... Read more
Publisher: Kagero
Published: 2014  Paperback
ISBN: 8362878835

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Allied Armored Fighting Vehicles: 1:72 Scale (World War II Afv Plans)

This title is filled with 1:72-scale drawings of armored vehicles from the U.S., Britain, Canada, and Russia, including: M4 Sherman medium tank (U.S.), T1E3 Aunt Jemima mine exploder (U.S.), M18 Hellcat tank destroyer (U.S.), Mk VI Crusader cruiser tank ... Read more
Publisher: Stackpole Books
Published: 2009  Paperback
ISBN: 0811735702

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Techniques Of Medieval Armour Reproduction: The 14th Century (Medieval & Renaissance)  Amazon's Average Costumer Review 5/5

Few historical icons can match the evocative power of the medieval suit of armour, and this epic new book is a complete course in the tools and techniques of the modern armourer’s art. Through more than 1,000 detailed photos and clear instruction, Brian ... Read more
Publisher: Paladin Press
Published: 2000  Paperback
ISBN: 1581605366

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Panzertruppen : The Complete Guide to the Creation and Combat Employment of Germany's Tank Force 1933-1942  Amazon's Average Costumer Review 5/5
Publisher: Schiffer Publishing, Ltd.
Published: 1996  Hardcover
ISBN: 0887409156

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WAFFEN SS DIVISIONS, 1939-1945 (The Essential Vehicle Identification Guide)  Amazon's Average Costumer Review 2/5

Illustrated with detailed artworks of vehicles and their markings, The Essential Vehicle Identification Guide: Waffen-SS Divisions, 1939-45 is the definitive study of the equipment and organization of Germany's elite Waffen-SS divisions during World War ... Read more
Publisher: Amber
Published: 2007  Hardcover
ISBN: 1905704550

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Germany's Panther Tank the Quest for Combat Supremacy: Development - Modifications - Rare Variants - Characteristics - Combat Accounts (Schiffer Military/Aviation History)  Amazon's Average Costumer Review 3/5

Over 20 years of research went into the creation of this history of the development, characteristics, and capabilities of the Panther., over 170 b/w photos, line drawings ... Read more
Publisher: Schiffer Publishing
Published: 1995  Hardcover
ISBN: 0887408125

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Sturmgeschutz & Its Variants (Spielberger German Armor & Military Vehicles Series, Vol 2)  Amazon's Average Costumer Review 3/5

The first two volumes of this definitive history of German armor are now available in English! Known for its emphasis on detail, the Spielberger series shows in factory, test and combat photographs, and detailed line drawings, all production models, prototypes ... Read more
Publisher: Schiffer Publishing, Ltd.
Published: 1993  Hardcover
ISBN: 0887403980

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