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The Airfix Book of Scale Modelling

The Airfix Book of Scale Modelling is the essential guide to making greatlooking
model kits and getting the most out of this fascinating and rewarding
hobby, explaining how to build scale models to suit all levels of modelling skill.
With ... Read more
Publisher: Conway
Published: 2014  Kindle Edition

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Making Scale Models

The perfect guide for those who have never made a model before or who want to develop or increase their skills

From cutting a straight line to making a scaled human figure that "lives," through to creating beautifully detailed buildings ... Read more

Publisher: Crowood Press
Published: 2014  Paperback
ISBN: 1847977707

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Model Making for Architects

Model making is a beautiful and skilful craft, and architectural model making is a vital part of the building process. The architectural model is often the first time that a building is visualized in 3D. It can capture the excitement of the architect's ... Read more
Publisher: Crowood Press
Published: 2013  Hardcover
ISBN: 1847974902

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Model Building With Brass

For the first time, a book has been written that explains all the tools and techniques necessary for successfully building models with brass. The detailed text is illustrated with over 320 color photos. Whether substituting for an existing plastic model ... Read more
Publisher: Schiffer Publishing
Published: 2012  Hardcover
ISBN: 0764340042

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Essential Skills for Scale Modelers

Beginning scale modelers need a basic set of skills that they can build on as they continue through the hobby. Essential Skills for Scale Modelers, written by FineScale Modeler's Aaron Skinner, lays the foundation needed to build, paint, weather, and ... Read more
Publisher: Kalmbach Publishing Company
Published: 2011  Paperback
ISBN: 0890247919

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Radio Controlled Hobbies

In this ebook the various aspects of all types of Radio controlled hobbies are covered, Cars, Helicopters, Boats and Radio. Highly recommended for all Radio Controlled hobby enthusiasts. ... Read more
Publisher: Tudor eBooks
Published: 2011  Kindle Edition

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Making Things Move DIY Mechanisms
Publisher: McGraw-Hill/TAB Electronics
Published: 2010  Paperback
ISBN: 0071741674

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Advanced Architectural Modelmaking

Everything a student or hobbyist needs to know about creating high-quality models for study and presentation. Models have a double purpose: to show, in reduced scale, the elements of a three-dimensional building or landscape project ... Read more
Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company
Published: 2010  Paperback
ISBN: 0393733386

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Classic Modelling Guides Vol 2 The Luftwaffe on the Eastern Front 1943-5

In this new book, leading author and modeller Brett Green focuses upon the aircraft and activities of the Luftwaffe on the Eastern Front. With plentiful mono wartime photographs of featured aircraft, fighters and bombers alongside vivid colour photos ... Read more
Publisher: Classic Publications
Published: 2010  Paperback
ISBN: 1906537143

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Modeller's Guide to Mould Making and Resin Casting

An in depth manual for modellers that takes the reader through all of the practical aspects of mouldmaking, using materials such as latex and RTV. There is extensive coverage of casting, too, enabling the modeller to produce perfect duplicates from their ... Read more
Publisher: Swordworks
Published: 2010  Paperback
ISBN: 1906512574

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