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Figure Modeling  
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Creating Lifelike Figures in Polymer Clay: Tools and Techniques for Sculpting Realistic Figures  Amazon's Average Costumer Review 5/5

How-tos by the master of realistic fanciful polymer figures! More than 400 step-by-step full-color photos and 200 drawings. ... Read more
Publisher: Watson-Guptill
Published: 2008  Paperback
ISBN: 0823015033

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Knights and Armor Coloring Book (Dover Coloring Book)  Amazon's Average Costumer Review 5/5

Historically accurate renderings of Vikings, Crusaders, Italian Condottiere, Spanish foot-soldiers and luminaries such as Richard the Lion-Hearted and Henry the VIII document the evolution and development of personal armor and weapons through the ... Read more
Publisher: Dover Publications
Published: 1985  Paperback
ISBN: 0486248437

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The Archaeology of Weapons : Arms and Armour from Prehistory to the Age of Chivalry  Amazon's Average Costumer Review 4/5
Publisher: Dover Pubns
Published: 0 , 1996 ed.  Paperback
ISBN: 0486292886

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Finishing the Figure : Doll Costuming, Embellishments, Accessories  Amazon's Average Costumer Review 5/5

8 1/2 x 11 350 color and 300 black-and-white illustrations US Distribution crafts Brilliant doll artist Susanna Oroyan taught dollmakers the world over how to create figures with depth and imagination. ... Read more
Publisher: C & T Pub.
Published: 2001  Paperback
ISBN: 1571201211

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How to Make Clay Characters  Amazon's Average Costumer Review 5/5

Carlson's manual includes general information on supplies and techniques as well as step-by-step projects for a variety of representative figures from a wide range of age groups. The color illustrations showing work in progress as well as finished figures ... Read more
Publisher: North Light Books
Published: 1997  Paperback
ISBN: 0891347216

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An Illustrated Encyclopedia of Uniforms of the American War of Independence: An expert in-depth reference on the armies of the War of the Independence ... 1775-1783 (Illustrated Encyclopedia)  Amazon's Average Costumer Review 4/5

A definitive analysis of the weapons, equipment, deployment, tactics and motivation of these national forces, as well as fascinating detail of day-to-day life for the soldiers that fought the battles ... Read more
Publisher: Lorenz Books
Published: 2008  Hardcover
ISBN: 075481761X

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Figure Sculpture in Wax and Plaster  Amazon's Average Costumer Review 5/5
Publisher: Dover Pubns.
Published: 1987  Paperback
ISBN: 0486253546

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Modelling and Sculpting the Human Figure  Amazon's Average Costumer Review 5/5

Covers modelling from casts, live models; measurements; frameworks; scale of proportions; compositions; reliefs, drapery, medals, etc. 107 full-page photographic plates. 27 other photographs. 175 drawings and diagrams. ... Read more
Publisher: Dover Pubns.
Published: 1985  Paperback
ISBN: 0486250067

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Don Troiani's Soldiers of the American Revolution  Amazon's Average Costumer Review 5/5

In this collection renowned artist Don Troiani teams up with leading artefact historian James L. Kochan to present the American Revolution as it has existed only in our imaginations: in living colour. From Bunker Hill to Yorktown, from Washington to ... Read more
Publisher: Stackpole Books
Published: 2007  Hardcover
ISBN: 0811733238

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Modelling Waffen-SS Figures (Osprey Modelling)  Amazon's Average Costumer Review 5/5

Written by one of the world's leading figure modellers, this title features the main patterns of Waffen-SS camouflage and dress and describes in clear step-by-step instructions how to achieve these finishes. ... Read more
Publisher: Osprey Books (NY)
Published: 2005  Paperback
ISBN: 1841768375

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