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Dollhouse Miniatures  
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Delight in the Details: 40+ Techniques for Charming Embellishments and Accents  Amazon's Average Costumer Review 5/5

It?s all in the details - embroidered stitches, distressed edges, vintage pearls, a little (or a lot!) of glitter are what make a project special. Delight in the Details brings the popular vintage aesthetic to papercrafting, with innovative techniques ... Read more
Publisher: North Light Books
Published: 2010  Paperback
ISBN: 1599630850

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Creative Cloth Doll Collection: A Complete Guide to Creating Figures, Faces, Clothing, Accessories, and Embellishments


This book is a compilation of the first four of Patti Medaris Culea's bestselling books: Creative Cloth Doll Making, Creative ... Read more
Publisher: Quarry Books
Published: 2011  Paperback
ISBN: 9781592537037

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The Queen's Dolls' House: A Dollhouse Made for Queen Mary

From simple one-room cottages to multilevel castles, dollhouses have long been treasured by children and adults alike. In an ever-expanding array of sizes and styles, they may be closely modeled ... Read more

Publisher: Royal Collection Publications
Published: 2010  Hardcover
ISBN: 1905686269

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Making Dolls House Miniatures with Polymer Clay  Amazon's Average Costumer Review 5/5

This text shows the reader how to use polymer clay to make realistic miniatures for dolls' houses. It contains over 50 step-by-step projects each covering a different room in the doll's house. ... Read more
Publisher: Cassell
Published: 2000  Paperback
ISBN: 0304355704

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500 Handmade Dolls: Modern Explorations of the Human Form (500 Series)  Amazon's Average Costumer Review 5/5

Contemporary and unique, these handmade creations range from representational to abstract, from skillful realism to provocative surrealism—and they’re made from every conceivable material, including beads, gourds, and polymer clay. Juror Akira Blount, ... Read more
Publisher: Lark Books
Published: 2007  Paperback
ISBN: 1579908675

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The Fabulous Book of Paper Dolls (Klutz)  Amazon's Average Costumer Review 5/5

The Fabulous Book of Paper Dolls by Julie Collings comes with six paper dolls (with an array of skin tones), a massive mix-'n'-match wardrobe and accessories. The spiral-bound book also contains backdrop scenes for the dolls and a pull-out armoire to ... Read more
Publisher: Klutz
Published: 2001  Paperback
ISBN: 1570546312

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The Enchanted Dolls' House  Amazon's Average Costumer Review 5/5

For the child who loves dolls, for the adult who cherishes dolls, the most sumptious celebration ever in an exquisite, multidimensional presentation, featuring pop-up period dollhouses, secret letters, hidden pictures and more. ... Read more
Publisher: Hand Print
Published: 2006  Hardcover
ISBN: 1593541821

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Making Miniature Food and Market Stalls  Amazon's Average Costumer Review 5/5

A master modeler reveals the tricks of molding marvelously realistic fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, cheeses, breads, pastries, and cakes—plus display stands and boxes. “Full of step-by-step projects for bakery goods, meats, fruits, and vegetables, ... Read more
Publisher: Guild of Master Craftsman
Published: 2001  Paperback
ISBN: 1861082150

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Doll Values Antique To Modern (Doll Values Antique to Modern)  Amazon's Average Costumer Review 2/5
Publisher: Collector Books
Published: 2008  Paperback
ISBN: 1574326015

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Cloth Doll Artistry: Design and Costuming Techniques for Flat and Fully Sculpted Figures

In this unique and beautiful book, beloved doll-designer Barbara Willis guides readers through various approaches to doll design and basic and advanced construction techniques. Through the creation ... Read more

Publisher: Quarry Books
Published: 2009  Paperback
ISBN: 1592535135

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