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Building the PT Boats: An Illustrated History of U.S. Navy Torpedo Boat Construction in World War II

by Frank J. Andruss Sr

Paperback edition
Published 2009-05-15
by Nimble Books
ISBN: 1934840858

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The complete history of the building of PT boats for the U.S. Navy at the Elco, Higgins, and Huckins plants. One hundred sixty-two full-page illustrations, selected by Frank J. Andruss Sr., curator of the acclaimed Mosquito Fleet Exhibit, give the reader an unparalleled understanding of the construction and operation of U.S. Navy torpedo boats. It's the closest thing to being on board! This book will take its place on the shelf alongside other essential references to U.S. Navy ship types; an essential companion to similar books about battleships, cruisers, and carriers.