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Armour Modelling (Modelling Masterclass)

by John Prigent

Spiral-bound edition
Published 2006-11-28
by Osprey Publishing
ISBN: 1841769746

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This book sets out to answer a wide range of modelers' 'how-to' questions. It begins by showing all the things that need to be done to build a first model. Paints, glues, knives and other basic tools are introduced. Then it moves on to the use of accessories - etched metal sets, turned metal gun barrels, and simple resin conversions. Here the more specialised tools, such as those made for work with etched metal, are discussed. The book includes sections covering working safely with resin, adding camouflage finishes by brush, spray can and airbrush, and ways of reproducing the German anti-magnetic Zimmerit finish that troubles many modellers. The various types of replacement tank tracks are shown with ways to build and paint them, and the different challenges of modeling wheeled vehicles are also addressed.The book continues with demonstrations of how to build a complex conversion or a complete resin kit as well as more simple scratchbuilding (working form raw materials rather than prefabricated kit parts). Researching and making decals for markings when there are no ready-made ones available, display bases and figures are also covered. Everything is straightforwardly explained and clearly illustrated by numerous photographs of steps in the various processes and of finished models.


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