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Collecting Vintage Plastic Model Airplane Kits

by Craig Kodera

Paperback edition
Published 2014-10-22
by Crecy Publishing Limited
ISBN: 1580072232

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A life-long model builder, collector, and connoisseur, Craig Kodera examines the hobby of plastic model building to give you a book on collecting vintage model airplane kits. The book features more than 400 detailed, high-quality, full-color photos of vintage aircraft model kits and their components, and is written in an engaging and entertaining style to examine what gives specific models their current collectible value. Box wraps, direction sheets, and decals are also covered in detail. This book highlights exactly what collectors should look for (and be aware of) in building their collections. For proper historical perspective, the author covers model kit development in the heyday of the 1950s and 1960s. Comprehensive value and pricing information for vintage kits is shown as well.