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Graphic War: The Secret Aviation Drawings and Illustrations of World War II

by Donald Nijboer

First Edition Hardcover edition
Published 2005-08-11
by Boston Mills Press
ISBN: 9781550464245

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A superb collection of "top secret" drawings from World War II. Almost all of the material in this book was originally listed as Restricted -- Official Use Only and was previously unpublished in any form. Fascinating and informative, the illustrations in Graphic War are from top secret training manuals and colorful wartime posters. Remarkable in both scope and concept, the book is packed with detailed cutaway drawings of the aircraft and airborne weaponry so critical to the war efforts of Allied and Axis forces alike. Many of the graphic artists and technical illustrators employed by the Allies, and most employed by the Axis powers, remain anonymous. Their work survives on these pages, however, to provide rare and unique insight into war room strategy and the air- and ground-crew trainee classroom. While governments have long enlisted the talents of artists to record specific battles, the illustrations in this book were created for a much different purpose: they were intended to help young men win battles and survive to fight another day.


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