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Cherry's Model Engines

by David Carpenter

Hardcover edition
Published 2015-01-01
by Robert Hale
ISBN: 0719814219

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A celebration of the work of the world's greatest model engineer—although the word "model" hardly does justice to the intricate, fully functioning glories that she produces For the past several decades Cherry Hill has created scaled-down versions of traction engines—and not just run-of-the-mill types, but elaborate Victorian flights of fancy. Extensive research and meticulous design are the secrets of her success. She has created almost 20 models over the 60-year period since her father gave her an old lathe from his agricultural machinery business. One of the most impressive aspects of Cherry's work is that all her engines are fully working, and what comes out of her workshops in Worcestershire and Florida is perfection, both in terms of design and craftsmanship. Every last part, even tiny chain links, is made in the workshop from metal stock. No parts are bought in. Once completed, all her models are given away: early ones to friends and family and later ones to the Institution of Mechanical Engineers. Each model typically occupies 7,000 hours' work, and Cherry's staggering efforts have been rewarded with the highest honors, including nine gold medals and an MBE from the British Queen for Services to Model Engineering. Here, for the first time, the fruits of her illustrious career are displayed in all their intricate glory.


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