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Aurora Model Kits  Amazon's Average Costumer Review 5/5

Over 450 color photographs enhance this comprehensive history and guide to Aurora models. The Aurora empire was once the world's largest producer of hobby products. Here, corporation executives, sculptors, artists, and engineers who created Aurora's models ... Read more
Publisher: Schiffer Publishing
Published: 2007  Paperback
ISBN: 0764325183

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Tigers At the Front (Germany's Tiger Tanks)  Amazon's Average Costumer Review 4/5

Tiger ! - the very name that Allied troops feared. It came to symbolize the superiority of German tank design. This book has been created as a photo essay showing the best available and rare photographs of Tigers with units at the front. No tank that ... Read more
Publisher: Schiffer+publishing Ltd
Published: 2007  Hardcover
ISBN: 0764313398

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The Supercommandos: First Special Service Force, 1942-1944 An Illustrated History  Amazon's Average Costumer Review 5/5

"Vigorous training, hazardous duty." These were the words that lured prospective volunteers to the First Special Service Force, and that promised, for those who measured up, the chance of getting into the war quickly. Unique during World War II, the First ... Read more
Publisher: Schiffer Publishing, Ltd.
Published: 2000  Hardcover
ISBN: 0764311719

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Remembering Revell Model Kits  Amazon's Average Costumer Review 1/5

This engaging book details the wide variety of model kits produced by Revell, Inc. of Venice, California, from the 1950s through the 1970s. Over 545 color photographs display many of the much sought after kits, ranging from automobiles and ships to aircraft ... Read more
Publisher: Schiffer Publishing Ltd
Published: 2008  Paperback
ISBN: 0764329928

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Germany's Tiger Tanks : Tiger I & II : Combat Tactics  Amazon's Average Costumer Review 2/5
Publisher: Schiffer Publishing, Ltd.
Published: 1997  Hardcover
ISBN: 0764302256

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Large Scale Armor Modeling: Building a 1/6 Scale Stuart Tank

This lavishly-illustrated volume takes the reader on an exciting model-building journey as tips, techniques, and artistry intertwine during the construction of a 1/6 scale M5A1 Stuart light tank. Master modeler Bob Steinbrunn uses 234 color photographs ... Read more
Publisher: Schiffer Publishing, Ltd.
Published: 2011  Hardcover
ISBN: 0764339532

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Imperial German Uniforms And Equipment 1907-1918: Field Equipment, Optical Instruments, Body Armor, Mine And Chemical Warfare, Communications Equipment, Weapons, Cloth Headgear  Amazon's Average Costumer Review 5/5

This two-volume set provides the reader with an insight into the wide range of uniforms, weapons and field equipment used by the Imperial German Army during the First World War. The devastating and dramatic character of the war required many innovations ... Read more
Publisher: Schiffer Pub Ltd
Published: 2006  Hardcover
ISBN: 0764322613

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Britains New Toy Soldiers, 1973 to the Present: Traditional Gloss-painted Metal Models  Amazon's Average Costumer Review 5/5

In 1973 Britains introduced their New Toy Soldier line of gloss-painted metal figures. It has been highly successful and continues to the present day. This new book focuses on the traditional 54mm figures, illustrating nearly the complete range in nearly ... Read more
Publisher: Schiffer Publishing
Published: 2008  Hardcover
ISBN: 0764330624

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Monogram Models (Schiffer Book for Collectors)  Amazon's Average Costumer Review 5/5
Publisher: Schiffer Publishing
Published: 2006  Paperback
ISBN: 0764324810

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Model Boat Building: The Skipjack (Schiffer Book for the Hobbyist)  Amazon's Average Costumer Review 5/5

Steve Rogers loves working boats, and the skipjacks is one of the best. Following the acclaim of his previous three books on model boat building, Steve offers a guide for building a skipjack. This is, perhaps, the most ambitious of the projects presented ... Read more
Publisher: Schiffer Publishing
Published: 1996  Paperback
ISBN: 0887409377

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